Scope of the conference

This very focused workshop aims at bringing together key players in the field to discuss the recent advances in the field of :

  • optical computing
  • computational imaging
  • optical information processing,
  • future challenges and opportunities.

It aims at connecting the communities of optics, physics, mathematics and computer science, in an open atmosphere, with long time for lectures and extended discussions, favoring the exchange of ideas and emergence of possible collaborations.

Confirmed Invited Speakers

  • Alexander Gaeta (Columbia)
  • Alexander Jesacher (U. Innsbruck)
  • Anne sentenac (CNRS – Institut Fresnel)
  • Christophe Moser (EPFL)
  • david Miller (Stanford)
  • Demetri Psaltis (EPFL)
  • florent Krzakala  (ENS Paris)
  • Georges Barbastathis (MIT)
  • Jason Fleischer (Princeton)
  • Kelvin Wagner (U.Colorado Boulder)
  • Michal Lipson (Columbia)
  • Monika Ritsche-Marte (U. Innsbruck)
  • Ori Katz (Hebrew University)
  • Riccardo Sapienza (Imperial College)
  • Shaya Fainman (U.C. San Diego)


There will be a limited number of slots for PhD and Postdoctoral researcher, with the possibility of presenting a poster. Opening Soon.

The Venue

The Villa Finaly is situated on the heights above Florence, in beautiful Tuscany, Italy. The villa belongs to the "chancellerie des universités de Paris" which devotes it to organize scientific conference and events. The conference as well as most meals will be taken as the villa, which also counts several rooms to host most of the participants to the conference. Additional participants can easily find accomodation in the numerous hotels of downtown florence, and easily reach the villa by bus.

see the official website of the Villa Finaly


Sylvain Gigan - Professor Sorbonne Université Paris  



Rafael Piestun - Professor, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA


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